CW’s ‘The Flash’ Gets its ‘Captain cold’ Cast as ‘Prison Break’ star



Wentworth Miller Looking At Camera Angry Face Photoshoot

The Flash will get the cold shoulder from the leader of the Rogues in episode 4 of the show’s debut season.

When CW announced that Killer Frost would be a villain on the show we were worried that perhaps Captain Cold got the axe and Killer Frost would replace him as Flash’s coolest adversary, but thankfully our worries have been put to rest.


CW has announced that Wentworth Miller will be taking on the mantle of Leonard Snart (Captain Cold) and will hopefully be bringing along his freeze guns, or maybe they will go the new 52 route and give him ice powers.


The most important aspect of this news is that we are seeing a very faithful adaptation of the flash’s universe. Weather Wizard, Captain Cold, and an easter egg in the extended Flash trailer that hints at Gorilla Grodd.

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