Alex O’Loughlin: “Hawaii 5-0 Not Just a Re-make” (December 2012)

Alex O´Loughlin ~ An Intense Study

Alex O’Loughlin has previously starred in The Back-up Plan with Jennifer Lopez. He is now the co-star of Hawaii 5-0 with Scott Caan. He talks about the difficulties of fatherhood, bromances and the show that made him famous.

– StaticMultiMedia

by The Interview People,

6 December 2012

Question: Hawaii Five-0” is a remake. Why has your show succeeded where other remakes have failed?

Alex: That’s a really good question, and Hawaii Five-0 is not just a remake, it’s a remake of a show that was wildly successful and ran for twelve years and had a fan base all around the world, so the bar was set pretty high in the beginning. So we were all concerned a little bit in the beginning on whether we were going to get it right and whether people were going to like us and whether the old audience and fan base for the old…

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