Essential Episodes Review: NCISLA “Bounty” (S2E8)

wikiDeeks | Marty Deeks | NCISLA


 Writer: Dave Kalstein | Director: Felix Alcala

First Aired November 9, 2010

The episode opens with a man (later revealed to be Sergeant Thomas Booth) buying a greeting card at a convenience store.  He puts the card in the mail and is shortly ambushed in a parking garage by masked men who carry him away.  Is he a loyal soldier or a man willing to sell secrets for profit? Post credits, the episode starts with Kensi and Deeks in the shooting range and a little friendly competition. It’s early in the second season and there’s still a little bit of one-upping between the partners as they feel each other out.

Kensi:  Can I see your gun?
Deeks:  My gun?  What for?
Kensi:  It’s a Beretta 92FS, right? LAPD issue?
Deeks:  Actually, yeah.
Kensi:  NCIS agents carry Sigs.  I just want to see how yours…

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