5 Juicy Questions for Alex O’Loughlin – December 2011

Roooohhhh des cache-sexe très sexyyyy

Alex O´Loughlin ~ An Intense Study

Hawaii Five-0 star gives us the details on

love, life, and women

– By Sheila Monaghan

Women’s Health

January 2012

13 Oct 2010

1. Since your job is very physical, how do you chill out?

Alex: I live in Hawaii, and the trails and mountains here are just magic. Surfing and trail running chill me out. I like reading too. And playing my guitar—I wish I were better.

2. Finish this sentence: A woman looks hottest in…

Alex: A sarong and my T-shirt—that’s pretty good. But I love her dressed to the nines too. Guys want to see the diversity of beauty.

All this talk about sarongs, gave me some ideas for more Hawaii Five-0 wardrobe suggestions for Steve: 😛

(They are in Hawaii after all! 😀 )

3. What would you consider to be the secret to a successful relationship?

Alex: (Laughs) I was hoping you were going to…

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