Sons of Anarchy

I was born to late


Something I really love is finding new tv shows to watch. My latest obsession is Sons of Anarchy, wich I only started watching because of the fact that Marilyn Manson is going to star in the new season. So I did not expect to get as hooked on it as I actually am. I have just started watching the fourth season and it is still amazing.


The show is about a outlaw motorcycle club in the fictional town Charmig in California. Jackson “Jax” Teller is the person the show centers around. Jax is the vice president in the club but is questioning the direction the club is going and therefore himself, after he found a handbook his father had written before he died.


What I think makes the show so good is the fact that it is laidback but there is always things happening so it never gets boring. It…

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