A Shameless Ode To Dean Winchester & Co.

Saison 9

solo support group

*You’ve been warned: spoilers abound*

Whenever I’m feeling shackled with responsibility or unable to cope with the prospect of what the near future brings, instead of picking up the book I find easiest to get lost in, I have a habit of turning to things that have less to do with me – things I haven’t copyrighted as ‘central to my identity’ – and more readily bear the label of Issues of Greater Importance than my calculus homework or uni applications. One of these things has, going on a couple of years now, been the CW’s Supernatural.

supernatural-season-9_68901381371395 The cast looking all chuffed, as usual (Get used to it, as they always look this happy.)(Kidding, happiness and being at peace with things aren’t in the Winchesters’s vocabulary).

I think it’s a fact unanimously undisputed that TV shows with their roots in the supernatural have a tendency to lean towards being awesome…

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