Charities and Causes – what motivates us to participate or give?

Alex O´Loughlin ~ An Intense Study

Over the years,  Alex supported a number of charities, causes,  events and organizations. Many of the times he was supporting friends, or colleagues working with him at the time and the charities that they support. Other times he was doing it on behalf of the show he was involved with at that time.

The best known cause Alex has been involved with,  is Donate Life. He got involved with it  during the time he was working on Three Rivers. Unfortunately the role of Dr Andy lasted for a short while and it robbed him of a chance to do more with them.  Although Alex became an Ambassador for Donate Life, his present roll and living in Hawaii leaves him very far removed from participating with the cause, but it is most probably still close to his heart and will most probably always be.

Alex 2010

Let us look at some of…

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