Sons of Anarchy Season 2 Review – Comin’ to Town

The Credible Hulk

After a tense opening season, Sons of Anarchy continues its Shakespearean biker drama by increasing the danger, betrayals, and most of all, the violence. With secrets still hanging over most of the members of SAMCRO, the club begins to fracture, even with new, volatile threats staring them down. Plus, this had Henry Rollins.


The sophomore slump can make or break a production. More often than not, projects come out swinging, nailing their first attempt. It’s their second go that solidifies the output as more than just lucky. Creator/showrunner Kurt Sutter nailed the second season, keeping the pacing tight as new threats were introduced to the group, both within and without. White separatists came to Charming, attempting to force SAMCRO out of town. Their leader, Ethan Zobelle  (Adam Arkin) wore his power suit with ferocity, while his right hand man, A.J. Weston (Henry Rollins), was beyond intimidating.


Both Arkin and…

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