Scene 3 Story 1 – COLLATERAL BURN

NCIS Script Writing Contest Entries

NCIS Contest Scene 3 NCIS Contest Scene 3

The NCIS Team investigates a bombing of a public restaurant frequented by U.S. sailors during their liberty when all their ships were docked due to a Tropical Depression that is turning out to be a Super Typhoon.   It was immediately branded a terrorist attack since a lot of U.S. sailors died during the bombing.   But was there a specific human target?   They investigate each and every Navy personnel who perished during the attack to find clues.   There were several high-ranking Naval officers with varied vital designations leading them to not just one or two but half a dozen wild goose chases.  But they stumbled upon information that the attack was carried out by rouge CIA agents on US soil (which is illegal) who had an ax to grind against the U.S. Navy personnel who didn’t cooperate with them in a recent Caribbean mission.   But that was…

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