The Wolverine

2 Thumbs and a Movie

Name: The Wolverine

Director: James Mangold

Year: 2013

Rating: 2 Stars

I’ve always loved Marvel Comics. As a kid, I collected comic books, action figures, Sega games, and i especially loved watching the cartoons on Saturday mornings. So when they started making Marvel films about 15 years ago, I was doing back flips. The X-Men were always my favorite, and Wolverine my favorite character. I’ve enjoyed watching most of the Marvel films, with the exception of Thor, Daredevil, and a few others. The first Wolverine: Origins film was pretty good, and Hugh Jackman did comic books fans right. I was excited a few weeks ago to have some quiet time to watch loud action movies, so I picked up The Wolverine.

Sort of a letdown. Movies are getting longer and longer these days. I remember when movies were considered long if they were more than 90 minutes. Nowadays, movies are much…

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