Helping hands ……. “My mother’s loving touch” #WalkToDefeatALS

Alex O´Loughlin ~ An Intense Study

Alex O’Loughlin and Fred Fisher – a radio interview with Dave Lawrence from Helping Hands

Friday afternoon, 5 September 2014 on Hawaii Public Radio


Dave: Alex, what brings you to the table?

Alex: Well, thanks for having me first of all. ALS is something that is kind of pretty up close and personal for me. My wife’s mother passed of ALS. Seeing how it affected my in-laws and my wife. And also strangely enough, one of my close friends lost his father last Monday.

Dave: Alex, I was reading a little about you. I had read that your mom was a nurse. I was wondering if her background in that role has brought to bear any kind of sense of responsibility for others or imperative to give back.

Alex: I’m really glad that you mention that Dave. My mom was a nurse. She was a great nurse. She…

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