The Steve McGarrett Story – No #54

Sweet Night with my sexy AOL

Alex O´Loughlin ~ An Intense Study

We continue our story fromhere

Steve 13

Mary arrives at the airport with her new job – an older man named Morty. She is his companion. After getting over the shock of meeting Morty, Steve tells her about Doris being alive, but she refuses to see her.

Mary goes to John’s grave…..

Mary: I still remember that day, that you told me that mommy was never gonna be coming back.  I remember that night I went into your room and I saw you sitting on your bed crying. And that scared me Dad. I miss you so much, Dad. I slept on Steve’s floor because I didn’t want to be alone, you know. And I guess I’ve been that way ever since

But when Steve just told me that she was alive, all I could do was think about you that night crying, Dad. And I am just so angry…

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