Sons of Anarchy: “Some Strange Eruption” Review

Saison 7

State of Mined

Do it! Wait, don’t do it!

Whole lotta truth got dropped in this here episode of Sons of Anarchy. Not all of it on purpose, and not all of it listened to. While we may have thought the war was kicked off last week, “Some Strange Eruptions” put a full deck of cards on the table for many of the players, and also reveled that there may be a few more secrets to be revealed. This was a full steam ahead episode that took any semblance of safety from practically every character. And they all of Jax and Gemma to thank for their troubles.Some-Strange-Eruption-1

The fallout from the Diosa Norte massacre was immediate. SAMCRO rallied the troops and doubled down on their own safety. No one rode alone, and everyone checked in periodically. Everyone was on high alert, and the ever present danger wasn’t lost on the survivors. Lyla even…

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