Sons of Anarchy: “Toil and Till” Review

State of Mined

Stop letting Jax plan things!

Sons of Anarchy - Season 7 - New Promotional Poster banner

Full SPOILERS to take place below…

With the second episode in this seventh and final season of Sons of Anarchy, we find Jax moving forward with his plan to dismantle and destroy Lin and his Chinese gang, with the most haphazard plan he’s ever hatched. If the first episode didn’t make things clear, “Toil and Till” further drove home the fact that things will slowly play out. Jax probably won’t get any closer to finding out Gemma killed Tara for a while. So sit back, try to relax, and watch the tension build.

I wasn’t really on board with the choice to have this season start just a few days after the season 6 finale, and not knowing exactly what Gemma said to convince Jax that Lin & Co. were responsible is leaving a lot to be desired. Yes, he’s in a fragile state of…

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