Happy birthday Foyeur!

Alex O´Loughlin ~ An Intense Study

October is filled with great AOL fans birthdays and today we can raise our glasses to Foyeur!

Hip-hip hurray e528c-yaysmilesa-smiley It´s your bday….oh to be 29 again smiley-die-laughing

Taking the opportunity to point out to all our readers that if it wasn´t for F, this blog would never have happened. And if it wasn´t for her dedication to get the facts right, there would be lot of misguided fans. And having her here for the past year working full time on the blog,  has brought quality to our posts.  I think we have a nice balance here, pics and stories, done our way. But, there´s still so much more waiting to be discovered, her work will never be done.

Partner, I hope you kick back today and just enjoy yourself, stress free cat_smiley01

Anyways, since I have been obsessed with OOB (Out of Bounds) photos for the last two days, it is now…

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