506 – Steve got played

Alex O´Loughlin ~ An Intense Study

Not quite as good as previous epi, but still enjoyable. And we still didn´t get Steve in a costume for Halloween! Why not?! 😦 I´m still wishing for Steve to dress up as a vampire (for some odd reason).

Jerry´s trouble is now taken care off, though I think Steve and D could have been a bit quicker to figure out the shooting, in front of Jerry, being a hoax.

Biggest surprize (to me) was bringing Ellie back, so soon. Though they where only fishing, but at Steve´s place and then she makes him gut the fish and cook for her…. It appears Ellie is making passes at Steve. I think I hear distant violins (and slightly louder Peter, yelling “They are just friends. Just Friends!”)

Take that Danno!506-selfie

They are just friends, fishing together, having a beer. (How far to the bedroom? 😉 )

Cheers to baiting!

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