‘Hawaii Five-0’ recap: Happy Halloween!

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Season 5 | Episode 506 | “Ho’oma’ike” | Aired October 31, 2014

Happy Halloween everybody! On Hawaii Five-0, they celebrated with one of the most well-balanced episodes character-wise in a very long time. All seven series regulars had generous screen time, plus appearances by Kamekona and Ellie. Let’s start with the case of the week.

Grover, Chin, and Kono spend Halloween investigating the murder of a man strung up in a freezer. He was stabbed multiple times and his tongue was cut out. Back at the morgue, Max is showing off his annual Keanu Reeves-inspired costume. This year it’s Point Break (not The Replacements). Max tells Kono and Grover that the stab wounds were made with a sickle.

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