CBS Mobile interview Jason and Alex – Such a cute friendship – 2007

Alex O´Loughlin ~ An Intense Study

This is an unedited interview by CBS Mobile, done on the set of Moonlight (I guess around end of October or beginning of November 2007). I do not know if the edited version was ever broadcast. Both Alex and Jason were making a lot of jokes and most of what was being said, was just a lot of fun without really being serious.

Alex & Jason BTS

Transcript and photos by FOYeur, gifs by Paula

Reporter: Hey there. We’re at the set of CBS’s ‘Moonlight’. The new show that premiere…

Jason: Yo

Reporter: Oh. Hi. [laughs] How’s it going?

Jason: Good. How are you?

Reporter: Great.

Jason: I want to introduce you to somebody.

Reporter: Okay.

Jason: He’s a good friend of mine.

Reporter: Great. Let’s go.

Jason: This way. You got an eye on him?

Reporter: You got it?

Jason: Aussie…

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