Alex chat with Jimmy Kimmel on his show in April 2010

Alex O´Loughlin ~ An Intense Study


Jimmy: Our next guest grew up in Australia and came to our land to take our jobs and women. His new movie co-starring Jennifer Lopez, is called The Back-Up Plan. Please welcome Alex O’Loughlin.



Jimmy: Welcome. Thank you for coming. I want to ask you a question and this might sound like a stupid thing. But, you’re from Australia.

Alex: I am.

Jimmy: And you might know Americans think of Australians as least as a little bit crazy. Do you know this?

Alex: I do.

Jimmy: Have you ever thrown a boomerang?

Alex: I have actually.

Jimmy: You have?

Alex: Yeah, I have. You know the ones that are shaped like a crescent moon, you throw and they come back.

Jimmy: Right.

Alex: But, the real sort of hunting boomerangs, which is what they’re used for, just go in a straight line and…….

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