Alex having some fun on Ellen – 17 May 2013

Alex O´Loughlin ~ An Intense Study


Ellen: Hey, Alex

Alex: How are you?

Ellen: Good how are you?


Alex: I’m good. I saw some Hawaii Five-0 on TV.

Ellen: Yup, just watching. So you’re living in Hawaii now, right?

Alex: Yeah, three years.


Ellen: So this is the 4th season or are you starting the 4th season?

Alex: We start the 4th season in July.

Ellen: Very exciting.

Alex: It’s crazy. It feels like you know…

Ellen: Yeah. So when you were, when you were… were just renting, you didn’t commit to living in Hawaii at that time?

Alex: I think I saw you in the first season, right.

Ellen: Yeah.

Alex: And now I’m there three years later, and I’ve actually….. I bought a house. Actually I think I bought a house right after I came on your show.

Alex - on Ellen 2013

Ellen: Aha.

Alex: It’s beautiful.

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