Alex O’Loughlin being interviewed by Hawaii News Now at SOTB 3 – 2012

Alex O´Loughlin ~ An Intense Study

While Tannya Boyd Joaquin and Keahi Tucker from Hawaii News Now were busy doing an interview with Peter Lenkov and Robert Orci, Alex came by and was asked to join them.

Alex - HNN Interview 2012

Keahi: Your big guy is coming over here. Hi!

Tannya: Aloha.

Keahi: We’re having a moment. We’ll squeeze you on up on here. Come on up Alex.

Tannya: Aloha

Peter: [Hugging Alex] This is the only time I’ll ever be taller than you.

Alex: That’s right. No, I like it.

Robert: Signoré

Alex: Orri, how are you?

Tannya: Aloha Alex, how are you doing? Good to see you.

Alex: Thank you. Good to see you again.

Keahi: Looking good. Gentleman, let’s make some room here.

Tannya: Fans are dying to hear from you.

Interview 2012

Keahi: No problem, there’s plenty of room up here.

Alex: Have I…

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