Alex O’Loughlin & Jack Thompson on Rove Live – June 2005


Alex O´Loughlin ~ An Intense Study

Oyster Farmer

Rove: And now our next guests, stars of the new Aussie film called Oyster Farmer. One is an Aussie icon; the other is one of our brightest young actors. Please welcome to the show, Jack Thompson and Alex O’Loughlin.



Rove shaking Jack’s hand, saying something that sounds like: So good to have you on the show.
Rove shaking Alex’s hand: A-Rod

Alex: Hey, Rove

Alex: No. [While looking down, he says something that sounds like] I can’t believe you calling me A-Rod.

Rove: Have a seat.

Alex: Thank you.

Rove: (Saying some that sounds like)  [Tollo] and A-Rod.

Jack: Hey.

Alex: I can’t believe you know about the A-Rod.

Rove: What’s the A-Rod thing? I’ve been told by a friend of ours, to call you A-Rod.

Alex: Oh, no.

Rove: Is it a

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