Transcript: Alex Live on HNN, Season 5 Blessing Ceremony – 8 July 2014

Alex O´Loughlin ~ An Intense Study

Tannya & Alex 2014

Tannya: Alex, I hate to interrupt but we are live. Can we talk to our fans here?

Alex: Hey guys!


Tannya: I didn´t hate to interrupt, actually.

Alex: I’ve got coffee (in hand) and a mint in my mouth and we’re live … that´s fantastic.

Tannya: Talk about the beard, because we had a little fun conversation off camera about it.


Alex:Well, I don´t know why, it´s such a big deal … I love …. it´s my man-ness. It´s actually my vacation face, so you know … I´ve had lots of different … it´s funny, you grow a beard like this and people just run up and just offer their opinion: “Hey yah!” Can you imagine I walked up to you and went, “Your pants are terrible. Your face is…there’s something wrong with your face”.  You’ll be like ….



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