Pic for a day – Mick pouting

Alex O´Loughlin ~ An Intense Study

There’s a lot of action in the show, and I was wondering if you do your own stunts or if you have a stunt double.
[Alex deepens his voice to a sexy sounding level as if trying to pick up the interviewer and you can just picture him saying it with a wink]
I do my own stunts baby….-TV addict interview 2007

Posting the same Mick twice, because I just couldn´t choose between the backgrounds.


A special notification for Mick/Moonlight lovers out there! If you are not registered on moonlightaholics.com you might want to do so now. I was recently tipped (thank you Jill♥) of a special “members only” thread, that contains some never-before-seen videos of Alex in ML. These dailies (or anything from them) are not allowed to be posted elsewhere, so the gifs I made are only in that thread (there´s shirtless Alex too!). So if…

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