Alex O’Loughlin stars in first romantic comedy with “The Back-Up Plan” – April 2010

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Alex O´Loughlin ~ An Intense Study

‘Back-up Plan’ Aussie actor deliver pregnant laughs

by Brandy McDonnell
Entertainment Reporter
28 April 2010

From the ‘Life’ section of The Oklahoman.

TBUP - Press day

 For his first romantic comedy, Alex O’Loughlin didn’t choose the typical boy-meets-girl kind of movie. While filming “The Back-Up Plan,” the Australian actor found himself recalling real-life pregnancy moments, mingling with dogs and a toothy chinchilla and co-starring in a water-birthing sequence he calls “the funniest scene I’ve ever been involved in.

“I’d never seen or heard of a script that dealt with this issue, of artificial insemination and how to deal with love at the same time. And the other thing is this script … it’s genuinely funny,”O’Loughlin said in a phone interview from his Los Angeles home. “But there’s also some moving, real, sort of dramatic moments. It just felt really well balanced.”


“The Back-Up Plan,” which opened at No. 2 at the…

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