The Back-Up Plan – Alex O & the Art of Romantic Comedy – April 2010

Alex O´Loughlin ~ An Intense Study

Australian actor Alex O’Loughlin became well-known in the US with his performance as Mick St John in the cult TV series Moonlight. He has just shot a pilot for a new series of Hawaii 5-0 which, if it is picked up, will premiere this fall.

In the meantime, his new movie The Back-Up Plan opens this week, in which he portrays Stan, a free spirit who owns a cheese stand at a New York farmer’s market. He meets and falls in love with Zoe (Jennifer Lopez), who had given up on finding the right man and has become pregnant through artificial insemination, which leads to many complications in their relationship.

Film Review Online

By Judy Sloane

O’Loughlin spoke of his new romantic comedy and Hawaii 5-0 at the press day for the movie.

The Back-up Plan

How did you get this role?

Alex: I got a call from Alan Poul [the…

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