Alex O’ Previews Criminal Turn & Opens Up About His Post-Moonlight “Tailspin” – April 2009

Moi, j’adore

Alex O´Loughlin ~ An Intense Study

Can a serial killer played by Alex O’Loughlin slake his thirst for murder? The star of TV’s too-short-lived Moonlight talked to about his compelling guest spot on CBS’ Criminal Minds. Plus: Why Alex O’s fans should give his new medical drama a chance.

by Matt Mitovich,

TV Guide,

28 April 2009

Mick St John Where have ya been, man? We had a long stretch there, after Moonlight went bye-bye, where the fans were missing you terribly.

Alex: Yeah, I didn’t work for like 10 months. I went back to Australia for a minute, and then I went and sat in a forest for a couple months and got my thoughts together. I did a bunch of writing…. Essentially, I went into a bit of a tailspin and left the country, to Mexico, out of phone range. I was kind of upset. Well, nearly a year later, not…

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