Alex O’Loughlin Talks “The Back-Up Plan,” Jennifer Lopez, and Crazy Fans – April 2010

Alex O´Loughlin ~ An Intense Study

If you saw the movie The Back-Up Plan this past weekend, you might be wondering, Wow, who’s that really hot guy starring in it? Well, that really hot guy is Alex O’Loughlin, an Australian actor who, before hitting the big screen, had starred in the TV series Moonlight and The Shield. I sat down with Alex to talk about his movie and his upcoming projects … and, yes, he’s that hot in real life.


Brittny Drye

26 April 2010

Stan in TBUP

Question: You’ve played a detective in The Shield, a vampire in Moonlight … all of these serious roles. Was it difficult to go from drama to comedy? Which is your favorite genre to work in?

Alex: I think I’m more comfortable being in dramatic roles, but I like both. Comedy is more challenging. With drama you work with the director and other actors, and you work your way…

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