Hawaii Five-O stars dish on the future, fatigue, and family – March 2013

Alex O´Loughlin ~ An Intense Study

 Hawaii News Now visited the set of Hawaii Five-0 on 27 March 2013, while they were shooting Episode 3:21. Specifically the scene where they captured WoFat for the 2nd time, after they shot down his helicopter.

Alex: I love my job. Look at where I live, you know.

Alex HNN - March 2013

Tannya: For Alex O’Loughlin, it’s a balancing act, juggling the demands of the job with the demands of being a new dad.

Alex: As soon as I go home, I forget about the business.

Tannya: Don’t believe it?

Alex: What’s that?

HNN - Alex

Tannya: You don’t believe your own hype?

Alex: I don’t even know what my own hype is.

Alex on HNN

Tannya: You have such an incredible fan base, you’re a sex symbol.  Does your family ground you? I mean that goes out the door.

Alex: Hell yeah! I walk in the door and I…

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