403 – McNom-noms!

Alex O´Loughlin ~ An Intense Study

Oh wow. Plot-smot was actually pretty good. I like these kind of hidden treasure stories. Obv was very pale in comparison to Da Vinci´s Code, but a good effort for a 40 minute TV show 🙂

But the main attraction was Mr McG in all his glory. Could be my hormones took over, I could hardly leave anything un-captured today, I kept coming across more and more mclovelies (the stuff McG is made of) 😀

We have wished for every episode to start with shirtless Steve, and our prayers got answered…mmmm….403-bed403-bed2And how long have we waited for Steve to sport another tank top? Wishes do come true!403-guns2403-guns403-lying-smile403-kissI do like the carguments when they are not over the top (too much yelling). This was a mellow one and still so funny 🙂

403-cargumentMcSwagger enters the room. Poor Danny, always in Steve´s shadow (for me anyway 😉 )403-swaggerSo glad…

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