Insider with Alex, on the set of Hawaii Five-0 – September 2011

Alex O´Loughlin ~ An Intense Study

This interview was done in September 2011, the week before SOTB 2 and while filming Episode 206

Brooke: ‘The Insider‘ is exclusive on the set, where Hawaii Five-0 has taken over this mansion for a high-octane home invasion scene.

Alex & Brooke Anderson - September 2011

Brooke: How fun is it to run around with the gun and the holster and to get to do things like that?

Alex: It’s pretty…… I really enjoy it. I mean they’re props essentially at the end of the day, but they’re kind of fun props. And they make big sounds; you know… it’s kind of. It’s real boy stuff, you know.

We start when we’re little bubs, we start doing ‘Cops and Robbers’, ‘Cowboys and Indians’, you know. And you know it’s really just a big expensive version of that. We’re playing ‘Cops and Robbers’, but here is a M4 fully loaded and a really cool…

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