H50 5.14 – Alex got some new scars

Alex O´Loughlin ~ An Intense Study

As you might remember, last week Alex/Steve wore a tan bandage around his arm prior to the white one, and that  made us think Alex really got hurt in that car wreck scene. Now we have proof that it did happen. Alex/Steve has got scars on his right elbow area and still wearing a bandaid. Poor dude, but scars will only make him even sexier 🙂


Pretty nice epi again, lots of action and captivating story. Not a lot of laughs but I did giggle at Steve´s “Don´t touch the sideburns. I´m serious.” I agree with Steve, those sideburns are extra hot!


Here´s a few yummies I captured. Enjoy!

 I love the fitting pants 😉


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