Alex with Tannya Joaquin after the Blessing Ceremony, S 3 – 11 July 2012

Alex O´Loughlin ~ An Intense Study

Tannya: Yeah, yeah. Tannya’s with Alex O’Loughlin, that’s right. The girls in the studio are a little jealous this morning. Nice to have you back. Your fans are so excited that you are back in action.

Alex: Thank you. I’m very happy to be back.


Tannya: Season 3, we’re talking about this a little bit. You get to really develop this character. You haven’t had the chance to do this in other series.

Alex: Yeah, well, I mean. Not like we haven’t developed him over the last two years. There’s been a lot of stuff happening with, with ….all the you know, with all the Champbox and mom and dad. And now of course, Mom. And yeah, but there’s a lot of new developments happening in season 3.
I’ve actually never taken a character in any show through a 3rd season. So, it’s …. Personally I’m very…

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