Alex O’Loughlin on ET Canada: Uncut – September 2011

Alex O´Loughlin ~ An Intense Study

Erin: Wow. How time flies.

Alex: How time flies.

Erin: It’s been a year since we sat down to talk about the show.

Alex: It’s been a year? I can’t believe it. I thought of you every day.

Erin: [Laughs] So did I ….. Not. So have you settled in now?

Alex: Yeah.

Erin: Do you feel like an honorary Hawaiian?

Alex: I feel like a local. A Kama’aina, they call it here. You like that? It’s a Hawaiian word, it means it’s local.

Erin: Yeah.

Alex: It kind of …it pretty much means ‘local’.

Erin: And have they honestly embraced you? Cause I know when the show was starting, you had some …. not concerns. But you had like…..

Alex: I had some concerns.

Erin: These people, they love the show.

Alex: Yeah.

Erin: They love…

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