Alex O’Loughlin – Talking about Jack, on the set of Oyster Farmer (2003)

Trop sexy…

Alex O´Loughlin ~ An Intense Study

Today I had this longing to visit young Alex. So let’s go back to the early years, there back in late 2003, while Alex filmed ‘Oyster Farmer’. I think this must have been one of the very first interviews Alex ever did as an actor.

Question: How would you describe your character, ‘Jack’?

Alex: I mean, I think it is …. I think it is about ….. I mean Jack he’s a bloke, I mean, he’s an Aussie bloke and he’s got …… he’s sort of …. he’s a little bit ostentatious and a little bit obnoxious and really very sort of cheeky. And ah …. But it’s not … he’s not like … he’s really sensitive as well, you know what I mean? This story is about ….  this story is about this kid who ends up in the scrub, you know. For really the first time…

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