Alex got kitty competition! Again.

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Alex O´Loughlin ~ An Intense Study

Kitty lovers ahoy! After a long struggle and in anticipation of a certain white furry friend soon, we decided it´s  time to get these battling duos out for your enjoyment 🙂 Funny cats have invaded the internet and there´s plenty to chose from, alas Alex proves to be more of a challenge. Let´s have a look at what kind of competition Alex got this time .smiley-Black_cat___Free_avatar_by_ReiketuLet´s start with some warm up. Alex seems to be quite limber and he might give kitty a good chase, though perhaps not at 3 am.

Tummies filled with treats. (I wouldn’t kick him out of bed for eating crackers)

Hydration is vital. Is that the key to juicyness, perhaps 😛

Hugsies, these guys know how to give them. Squeeze us please!

Bad hair days, everyone has them. But, Yikes :/ What were they thinking!?

Halloween costumes by Steve´s tight purse. ‘Lost and Found’…

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