Some Alex O’Loughlin pretty, just to say ‘Thank You’ to our spammers …

Alex O´Loughlin ~ An Intense Study

One of the problems of having a site on the internet is “junk mail” comments from spammers. And we thank  the WordPress’ protection program for protecting us from all these mass-produced comments. There’s been more than 80 000 of them already over the 2½ years. Some of them full of jibber jabber and others are just advertising weird stuff. However some actually look real, but their suspicious sources give them away.

We don’t always inspire comments from our real visitors here, but at least some of those spammers liked what we do and gave us some interesting comments. They are so nice to us and we thought to stroke our own ego’s a bit and  post a few of these comments.

  • good articles

Our response: Thank you 🙂


  • I like this site because so much useful stuff on here.

Our response: Glad you found some use for it 😛

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