H50 5.18 – Steve McNoms and gecko peek

Éternellement divin, superbe ! Splendide. ! Tuant ! Etc….

Alex O´Loughlin ~ An Intense Study

Well, miracles happen in HI, or the H50s are some extremely lucky people. Both Chin Ho Kelly and Danny escaping their grim future so miraculously  😉 But enough of the incredible stories and let´s focus on my main attractions. It was nice to see gecko getting some exercising. But I think they could have taken this opportunity and given us shirtless Steve, just for a few minutes. Wasted opportunity, once again…

Anyway, here´s a hurray for the sideboob and McGecko!  😀



You gotta serve Navy SEAL with a bit of patriotism 😉


Loved the jacket, he looked extra hot 🙂


Fab faces and random pretties…

Oy…mom still keeps an eye out for his son…


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