‘Back-up Plan’: Five ways it made Alex O’Loughlin look good – 2010

Alex O´Loughlin ~ An Intense Study

Entertainment Weekly

by Mandi Bierly

25 April 2010

Is Alex O’Loughlin a movie star?

That’s the question I wanted to answer when I went to see The Back-up Plan this weekend. For all my documented appreciation of his hotness, I was surprisingly skeptical. I feel like for a TV actor to make it on the big screen, his lure should be so powerful that you have to watch whatever series he appears on – and even though I’d been bitten by Moonlight, I never actually made it to Three Rivers. Would his charisma carry to the back of the theater?

stan flowers

Perhaps you can guess the answer is yes from the headline. Before I begin listing the ways The Back-up Plan did him right, I should probably reveal a few things in the sake of full disclosure. I was with Michael Slezak, who agreed to see this movie with me…

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