(Transcript) Alex O’Loughlin: ‘Getting down and dirty’ with Pauly Shore #1

Alex O´Loughlin ~ An Intense Study

 There are two sides to me: the angelic side, and the truth.

Alex O’Loughlin via DDK’s Twitter, 14 September 2012

 Pauly Shore doing a Podcast with “The Face of Hawaii Five-0 – Alex O’Loughlin” from Waikiki Honolulu Hawaii. Pauly was on location with Hawaii Five-0 as a guest star for one of the upcoming episodes.

Get to know the dude, behind the dudeAlex “Loughlin” from Hawaii Five-0. 😀

s5 promo dl

Pauly: So is it … Is it Alex who-en? You got to speak in the mic.

Alex: O’Loughlin. Are we on, and you’re asking my name?

Pauly: Yeah, pretty much.

Alex: Hey man. I just met Pauly on the street, he pulled me in and now he’s asking me my name. We do a Podcast?

Pauly: No, so here’s the deal. So …

Alex: It’s “O’-Lock-lin”. For the rest of America too. Well…

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