Alex O’Loughlin: Interview at the Men’s Fitness Cover shoot – April 2011

Alex O´Loughlin ~ An Intense Study

Alex O’Loughlin

on the cover of Men’s Fitness Magazine in August 2011.

The photoshoot for the article was done in April of that year.

This is the transcript of the interview done that day.

Images by © Jim Wright/Corbis Outline

25 April 2011

 Jim captured Alex as he showed off his fitness regime in the hills in Malibu. Alex demonstrated how he incorporates the outdoors in his workouts, by running in the hills with large rocks and doing pull-ups on tree branches. A small studio had to be built on the side of a hill to capture the actor working out. Apparently Jim said that Alex was laid back and a real trooper.

Alex O'Loughlin

Alex: Yeah, I just think … I mean it’s so much more me, being out here in the elements as opposed to being in a gym. I mean I go to a gym, some time, when…

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