Yey! A new, lovely old photo of Alex found!

Alex O´Loughlin ~ An Intense Study

We came by this photo today on FB, all credit to Alex O´Loughlin fans FB page.

She was the one to find that other, old gorgeous pic of Alex, last summer too. Why not give her page a like as thank you cat_smiley01

She agreed to share this photo with us, with a smaller siggy. Remember when Alex said Jason took his picture, naked in front of the Moonlight billboard?

alex ML billboard dl

From the Alex & Jason interview

Alex: No, no. I don’t even think it looks like me. Have you seen that picture? It’s really weird. I know I nearly crashed my car when I first saw it. And I think, you know what? Cause I wear a lot of my collars up. It’s just the thing that Mick does and on the billboard it’s down. And I think they have actually superimposed my head onto someone else’s shoulders. They’ve done…

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