Castle‘s Top-Secret Season Finale Recruits CSI Vet Wallace Langham


For whatever ABC’s Castle has planned for its Season 7 finale, we know at least one guest star who will be a part of it.

‎TVLine has learned exclusively that CSI vet Wallace Langham will have a role in the yet-to-be-titled season ender, though no details on his character or the overall storyline are being released. (Perhaps he is playing the “distinguished, highly intelligent” shrink teased in Ask Ausiello?)

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Previously, showrunner David Amann told TVLine that the finale will “focus on compelling, high-stakes story-telling surrounding Castle and Beckett mythology,” and that it’d offer a “satisfying end to the season‎.” (Reminder: Castle has not yet been renewed for an eighth season.)

In addition to his long run as CSI‘s Hodges, Langham’s TV credits include Drop Dead Diva‎, Medium, Veronica’s Closet and The…

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