Grey’s Anatomy Recap: Business and Displeasure


Watching this week’s Grey’s Anatomy, you might have thought that Owen had a pretty serious relationship problem on his hands. After all, Amelia went so far as to call their romance a mistake. (Ouch.) But, compared to the patient that Stephanie treated with Catherine, Hunt got off easy in “Crazy Love.” Read on, and I’ll tell you all about it.

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DANGEROUS CURVES | Upon learning about Owen and Amelia’s involvement just as Derek was headed back to D.C. to resign, Meredith warned her sister-in-law to be careful with Cristina’s ex. Afterward, Amelia clashed with Callie over a course of treatment for a teenage golf champ with a curved spine. Overhearing their debate, Owen sided with his girlfriend despite the fact that her approach was riskier than Callie’s. When the surgery went south…

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