Behind the scenes trivia of Mary Bryant – #alexoloughlin and his characters

Alex O´Loughlin ~ An Intense Study

We continue our series of trivia around Alex’s previous roles…..

The Incredible Journey of Mary Bryant, with Alex in the role of Will Bryant, Mary’s husband

MB 26

• The mini-series was filmed in Australia during the spring of 2004, on a $15 million budget, making it Australia’s biggest mini-series ever. (I would guess it was up untill that time – I wonder if anything bigger has been done since then?) (And remember that spring in Australia (the Southern hemisphere) is from September to November )
• Filming took 12 weeks to complete.
• The ship used throughout the production is The Bounty, that was also used in the Mel Gibson movie of the same name. It is the only ship actually used in Mary Bryant, all other ships were either digitally reproduced or came from shots purchased from ‘The Bounty’ or the UK ‘Hornblower’ TV…

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