Alex O’Loughlin on marriage – ‘Guys tell all’ on the Today Show, 2010

Alex O´Loughlin ~ An Intense Study

Today is 17 April, and one year ago we got the reports of Alex’s wedding with Malia Jones. Since then the wedding band that we always see on his ring-finger and the tan line from the ring on that finger while he is Steve McGarrett, reminds us of the commitment he made to his partner and mother of his second child last year. We hope that his future with his family only brings him even more happiness in the years to come.

We thought it might be fun to see what Alex had to say about marriage in 2010 – five years ago. At that time while promoting ‘The Back-Up Plan‘, he appeared on the ‘Today Show‘ on 15 April 2010. He was part of the ‘Guys Tell All‘ panel, as a stand-in guest. They answered viewers’ questions about sex and romance.

(This transcript…

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