Closer: Five minutes with Alex O’Loughlin – October 2009

Alex O´Loughlin ~ An Intense Study

With Henry Budd
14 October 2009

3r 13 9

Question: Where are you?

Alex: I’m sitting under a tree in the Paramount lot drinking a green tea on my lunch break.

3r 13 1

Question: What happened on set today?

Alex: I’ve been running around the intensive care unit looking after patients of mine, a young fellow who’s had a few drug issues and hammered the alcohol. He’s clean, but he needs a new heart. I’ve found him one, but he’s missing, so there’s panic in the operating room.

3r 13 6

Question: Give us a run-down on the show for anyone who hasn’t heard of it.

Alex: Three Riversis set in Pittsburgh at a hospital called Three Rivers that specialises in transplant medicine. I play Andy Yablonski, who is head cardiothoracic surgeon and we tell the stories from three points of view: The donor, the recipient and the medical team.

3r 13 5


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