The Originals‘ Colin Woodell Shares Aiden’s Parting Message to Josh


It’s been a few days, but the sting of Monday’s Originals remains strong — especially for those fans of the Jaiden variety.

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But even though “Aiden” is no longer with us, Colin Woodell remains very much among the living, and he recently stopped by TVLine’s New York City headquarters to discuss his time in the Big Easy. Scroll down for Woodell’s thoughts on Aiden’s life, death and what he wishes he could say to Josh from beyond the grave.

TVLINE | Given the nature of the show, were you always a little unsure of your future?
Oh, yes. When I signed on to do this show … I wouldn’t say I signed a death certificate, per se, but I would have been shocked if they told me Aiden was going to live for a…

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