Alex O’Loughlin out of rehab and ready for action – October 2012

Alex O´Loughlin ~ An Intense Study

The big kahunas must be smiling on Alex O’Loughlin.

by Holly Byrnes

Herald Sun

17 October 2012

 309 (23)

Just months ago, headlines screamed with the news of the Australian actor’s admission to a rehab facility for the treatment of an addiction to painkillers. It seemed, at first glance, to be an all-too-familiar story where a film or TV star, with everything at his feet, wipes out and off the radar.

To O’Loughlin’s credit, his tale wasn’t typical at all, recovering swiftly after struggling to shake a dependency on drugs used to treat a shoulder injury he sustained throwing himself too vigorously into a stunt on set. As the no-nonsense leading man explains: “I got hurt pretty bad on the show and I ended up taking painkillers to get to work. I had trouble getting off them. That’s as complicated as it gets.”

The impact of his injury was a mortality…

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