Alex O’Loughlin – Sunday Magazine, October 2007

Alex O´Loughlin ~ An Intense Study

The latest Aussie actor making a name for himself on US television, Alex O’Loughlin
Sunday Magazine
14 October 2007

official promo photo dl

It’s late on a Tuesday afternoon and Aussie actor Alex O’Loughlin is negotiating his way through LA on his way to work. Night-shoots are de rigueur for the 31-year-old expat now –as the lead new US drama series Moonlight, which premiered a fortnight ago, he plays Mick St John. A troubled vampire who becomes a PI as a means of putting his dark powers to good use.

ml 14 beth eyes

“He has a pretty staunch moral code” says O’Loughlin of his ‘immortal investigator’, whose taste for human blood is quenched via the local blood bank rather than the more traditional way. “Mick takes on predatorial cases because he feels that the more he can rid the world of them, the further away he can get from the predator within himself…

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